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RIBE® Conductor Slide Rule for stranded Conductors used for Transmission Lines acc. EN 50182:2001

Here you easily find all within EN 50182:2001 defined information related to the conductor wires for transmission lines used in Europe. By selecting a country you will see all relevant conductor wires and the related data.

Old Terminology: -
acc. EN 50182:2001
Total Cross-Sectional Area mm²
AL - Number of Wires x Wire-ø mm
     - Cross-Sectional Area mm²
St - Number of Wires x Wire-ø mm
     - Cross-Sectional Area mm²
Core Diameter mm
Conductor Diameter mm
Weight per Unit of Length kg/km
Calculated Breaking Load kN
Total DC Resistance Ω/km
DC Resistance of AL Section Ω/km
Practical Elastic Modulus kN/mm²
Longitudinal Coefficient of Expansion 1/K
Maximum Continuous Current A